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five to thrive

At Cherubs Day Nursery we are working alongside Sefton Council to embed Five to Thrive, which is the building blocks for a healthy brain. Five to Thrive was developed by Kate Cairns Associates and it promotes positive parenting skills to help understand the things you do every day to help your child's growing brain.

Five to thrive complements our established practice ensuring babies and young children are offered a wide range of activities and given opportunities to develop strong relationships with their key person to ensure they are RESPONDED to, CUDDLED when needed, enjoy quiet times to RELAX, PLAY with a variety of stimulating activities and TALKED to using high quality communication.  If you would like more information on five to thrive please speak to Therese

Please click on the below buttons for a full explanation of these five important factors in a child’s development

These are your child's daily 'five to thrive' - the building blocks for a healthy brain. A healthy brain will help your child be happy in themselves, make friends and enjoy their family life, as well as being the best start for learning once they go to school. And every day will bring many opportunities to give your baby's brain what it needs to grow well. (Kate Cairns Associates 2014)

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