My brain grows better when you talk to me.....


Some suggestions

Start by copying your baby's sounds and generating new ones (from 'Ma ma ma' to 'Ga ga ga'). The first talking doesn't have any words.  

Use as many rhymes, poems or songs as you can - to your baby you are the worlds greatest singer!  

Read to your baby regularly, even when they are very young. Simple rhymes and rhythms will hold their attention.  

Talk to your baby about what they are experiencing. "Can you feel the soft toy?" "Did you see the cat?" "You're enjoying your milk this morning."  

Provide a running commentary on your own life. Tell your baby about colours, count the steps you climb or the socks and towels as you do the washing.  

Keep your 'sharp' voice for when you are warning a baby about something dangerous.  


Any words will help to build your baby's brain. Pop songs, a shopping list or the writing on the cereal packet are more meaningful than Shakespeare to young children.

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