My brain grows better when you play with me.....

Some suggestions

Follow your child's lead - if you join in their game, you are telling them that their ideas and decisions are important.  

Try to ensure you spend some time outside every day. The outside world is full of interesting, exciting things for your baby, and being able to look across long distances is very important in helping their developing vision.  

Get down on the floor for creative play - with models, dolls, blocks or just pieces of paper.  

Explore shapes, colours and textures with your child. You could look at picture books together, or make simple toys and pictures with pens, paper, fabric etc.  

Encourage your growing child to play pretending games. Who will they be? Where will they go? What will they do there?


Play works best when you are on the same level as your child - on the floor together, sitting at a table etc.  

As your child grows older they will need more time to play by themselves and invent their  own games – but they will always love to have some special time with you.