My brain grows better when you relax with me..…

Some suggestions

Try to end exciting play or activity sessions with a wind-down time in which you and your baby can enjoy a few moments of calm.  

Think about what makes a relaxing space for your baby to be in - soft lighting, warmth and gentle sounds all help.  

Sing or hum if you or your baby are getting stressed - this will help you relax and is very soothing for your baby. Singing is better than shouting!  

Try to have some time when you are just focused on the warmth, sounds, sights and smells of your baby, not on things you need to get done, or on people or events that have made you upset or angry.  

Find some of your own time to do special things that help you relax - you have to look after yourself if you want to look after your baby.  

Relax into being a parent - the experience can be unfamiliar, scary or leave you feeling guilty or stressed, but all parents have had to learn the hard way


      • A baby that has become over-tired and over stimulated may need particular          help to wind down. A close cuddle, rhythmic rocking and persistent Ssh-ing          in a dark environment will sometimes 'reset' an over-stimulated baby brain.