My brain grows better when you cuddle me.....

 Some suggestions

• Cuddle your baby as often as you like - babies can't have too much contact.  

• Respect the space of infants as they grow older. There may be times when they don't want a cuddle but you should try to find other ways to provide reassuring contact.  

• Using different kinds of touching. Massage and stroking, tickling, hair brushing and finger games (like 'Round & Round the garden') are all good for your baby's brain.  

• Use gentle circular rubbing of the stomach to help a baby with wind or constipation.


• Babies need touch that soothes (cuddles) and touch that stimulates (tickles).  

• Some very young babies (especially if they are small at birth) may sleep too much - gentle stroking or finger-play can encourage them to make and feed.  

    • As well as cuddling, it is good to put your baby down to experience some quiet time - this        is the start of learning how to be independent.