My brain grows better when you respond to me.....

Some Suggestions

• Try to guess what your baby's crying means and meet their basic needs - warmth and comfort, food, a clean nappy, sleep.  

• Copy the sounds or facial expressions your baby makes and see how they react.  

• Help your baby to see something if they show you they want to look at it.


• Everyone takes time to learn how their baby communicates.  

• Crying doesn't always mean your baby is 'upset'. It's the only noise they know how to make to get your attention. Sometimes they may just be singing or talking to you!  

• When your baby has your full attention, their whole brain is working. When you are watching TV, texting or talking on the phone, they don't get the benefit.  

     • As children get older they begin to sort out their own problems as well as          asking you for help. So sometimes 'wait and see' is a good response for          older children.