The Brain is simply amazing.......

In the first year of life the brain doubles in size. By the first years the brain is two thirds the size of an adult brain. If babies grew in height like this, they could be four feet tall when they were one year old.

The brain is not like any other part of the body. Nearly all the cells of the brain are in place when we are born - about a hundred billion of them. But they are not yet working. The brain grows when connections are made between the cells in response to what is happening to us. These connections are forming all the time through our lives. What happens to us shapes our brains.

In the first three years of life the brain is growing and changing faster than it ever will again. At times during the first year of life a million connections are forming every single second in your baby's brain.

So what happens to your baby shapes their brain. And the most important thing that happens to your baby is YOU! Everything you do when you are with your baby sparks connections in their brain turning connections into pathways that the child can use again. Five to thrive

Your child's body grows better when you give the child good food. Your child's brain grows better when you do five simple things that feed the growing brain: